What Are The 3 Most Common Types Of Beverage Coolers?

Imagine how convenient it would be to have a chilled beverage close at hand. When you add a compact beverage cooler to your workplace or even at home, you can always get your favorite beverage anytime. These appliances are small because they are made for keeping drinks at a chilled state, so it makes it easier to get your favorite drinks. With a beverage cooler, you can have your beer, soda, juice, and water anywhere. 

Before you buy a beverage cooler, you need to think about the place you can put it. There are different types of coolers, and you need to get the right type for your space. 


These beverage coolers can go anywhere in your office or your home. They have finished sides, so they will look nice wherever you plug them in. You may also choose to set a small one on a counter or to leave a larger one on the floor. The one place that you should not put a freestanding refrigerator is tucked between cabinets. These units need ventilation, so they need several inches of clearance all around them. The improper placement could cause the unit to overheat. 


For under counter beverage coolers, they can be a permanent addition to your cabinetry design. Also known as a built-in cooler, these units use a different ventilation system than freestanding beverage coolers, so it is okay for them to be placed close to counters, walls, and cabinets. Built-in coolers have a lot of finished sides too, so this style is flexible. You can also use it out in the open now and move it to a built-in position later when you remodel your space. 


These beverage coolers are extremely compact units that are made for you to take wherever you go. You can also set a portable cooler on a counter, or you can use it in your car. 


If you are looking for a beverage cooler, you can check on the following features:

Shelving options

The shelves in a beverage cooler are usually made of wire or glass. Some units have metal shelving. Whatever the material is, it can be useful for them to have a raised edge so it can keep drinks for toppling forward, especially when you open them. It is also helpful if the coolers have shelves that can be rearranged or removed. This allows you to fit a lot of small cans or make space for bottles. The best beverage cooler for beer bottles is the ones with pull-out shelves so you can see all of your drinks, no matter where they are in the cooler. 

Cooling System

Most beverage coolers have a compressor system for cooling. This is the same one that most commercial fridge use, so you may be familiar with it. Newer technology that involves ceramic plates is thermodynamic cooling. Even though you won’t find this system on as many coolers, it is worth it to seek this technology because:

  • It is a safe technology
  • It uses less energy than a compressor system
  • It reduced the need for a lot of inches of clearance around the cooler for ventilation
  • It can increase the lifespan of a small fridge


Drinks should be cold, but not frozen. Beverage coolers are usually capable of maintaining the right temperature above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and they also often go up to 50 degrees. A lot of coolers have digital displays that show the fridge’s temperature. These have buttons that you push to control the temperature while other coolers have dial controls. 

No matter what kind of beverage cooler you get, it should be well-maintained, and you should have a trusted local service provider to assist you in case you have some issues. Commercial refrigeration repair in Fresno can clean and repair beverage coolers too. Other commercial refrigeration repairs can help you with your small unit. 

Remember all the things that you need to check before buying a unit to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. 

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