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COMPUTER SUPPORT Tips from the GONZALES, LA Computer Pro – Video Display Troubleshooting

A common problem people have requiring COMPUTER SUPPORT IN GONZALES, LOUISIANA is issues with video display. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as having the brightness turned down; other times, it can be a bad controller on the motherboard. Since a video problem often means no work is getting done, use this guide to help you find the problem quickly.

If there is no picture on the monitor, check the brightness and contrast controls on the monitor to ensure they are not turned down. While this may sound very basic, it is actually rather common for a co-worker to do something like this as a prank. In addition, check to ensure that the power cable is properly connected, both to the computer and to the electrical socket. Finally, check the connection to the computer – again, at both ends of the cable – to ensure it is correctly and properly connected.

The final step, if none of these prove to be the issue, is to swap out the monitor – either by connecting it to another available computer, or connecting another monitor to the current computer. If the monitor works on another computer, the problem is clearly with the computer… while if another monitor works on this computer, the problem is clearly with the monitor.

The reality of monitors is that there are few things you can do to fix them without involving the factory. If the monitor is not under warranty, the most a provider of COMPUTER SUPPORT IN GONZALES can do is recommend a replacement monitor.

If the problem is clearly with the computer – or no alternate monitor and machine are available – the next step is to consider the video adapter.

The easiest way to do so is to power down the computer (disconnecting the power cord completely once it is shut down), then open the computer case and look at where your monitor is plugged in.

If the socket is wired directly to the motherboard, you have an integrated video controller, and there should be a “jumper” – a small black clip connecting two wires – which allows you to disable this controller. Some machines have this setting available via software in the BIOS setup; check the screen when booting the computer to see which key starts the setup program.

Check this setting to ensure the video adapter is enabled; if it is disabled, check the back of the machine to make sure you have the monitor plugged into the right socket. Many computers have both an integrated and an expansion video adapter, and the monitor may simply be plugged into the wrong one.

If the monitor is connected to a card plugged into an expansion slot, take note of which card it is and what type of card it is. Before jumping to the conclusion that it is broken and must be replaced, ensure the card is fully seated in the expansion slot by pushing down firmly and evenly on the top edge. Finally, verify that the onboard adapter – if any – has been disabled, either with the jumper or through the system setup.

This simple series of steps should be enough to repair most problems that do not require an adapter or monitor to be replaced. If in doubt, a provider of IT SUPPORT GONZALES LA will be able to assist you.



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