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Haier has been in United States of America for about a decade now. Its electronics goods and appliances are becoming quite popularly very fast. They offer a range of seven different models of chest freezers of small capacity. The size varies from 3.5 Cu. Ft. to 10.6 Cu. Ft. Chest freezers can prove very useful for those who love stocking up food for a long time. Whether it’s a sale going on in the nearest super market and you want to stock up the frozen food and save money; or, you are simply fond of a particular seasonal fruit and want to stock that up, chest freezers can just be the right choice!

If you are looking for a small or compact freezer, you are more likely to get the exact capacity you are looking for. All the current models are white in color and therefore can be cleaned pretty easily. The freezers have a stylish handle and flat back design, which makes the freezer more spacious and convenient. Some models also have castors to make better movement

Let’s look at the features of few models of the Haier chest freezers:

The HNCM035E is the smallest one among the models of chest freezers available from Haier. This compact chest freezer is around 66 lbs in weight and 3.5 Cu. Ft in size. This makes it ideal for people looking for a freezer to store and cook food in bulk quantities, in order to save money and time. The HNCM035E model is capable of storing approximately 122 lbs of food at one time. Since it is small, it also does not require high energy and works with a low value of about two hundred KWh per annum. this saves money from huge electricity bills.

The next model that falls in the medium sized freezer category from Haier is the ESCM050EC.

With a volume of 5 Cu.Ft. and storage capacity if 175 lbs of food, this is one of the best model among the seven models of freezers from Haier. It is also the only one with Energy Star efficiency. Choosing this freezer not only saves money, but also helps you in conserving the environment.

The Haier HNCM053E is almost same in size as the ESCM050EC with a size of 5.3 Cu.Ft. This is the largest one among the medium sized Haier chest freezers. It can store up to 185 lbs of frozen food and has quite a few great features. With just 88.2 lbs weight, the Haier HCM071LC is a light weight freezer, which can store up to 249 lbs of food. This makes it ideal for small families.

The largest of the Haier chest freezers is the Haier HMCM106EA.It can hold close to about 370 lbs of frozen food. Although it is not as big as the ones supplied by other manufacturers in the market, this product still provides a fair quantity of storage. The main highlight of this model is its huge number of features.
Though this kitchen appliance is quite new comparatively, they are already making a niche for themselves with their compact and value for money features.

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